Sunday, June 9, 2013

REVIEW: The Most Important Critter In The Whole Wide World

by Gusty McCabe

"The Most Important Critter in the Whole Wide World" is a Native American folk tale retold by Gusty McCabe in a charming and charismatic way. It’s a funny story too, perfect for reading out loud to the little ones in your life. My 9 and 6 years old boys enjoyed it as we read it together and were drawn to it not only by the witty rhyme but also by the humorous cartoonish illustrations.

Written in verse, the tale takes us to the beginning of the world, when the animals were first created. As they discover their skills, they are astounded by the powerful crow of the Rooster and his ability to wake up the sun. But it happens that Coyote gets hungry and decides that Rooster would make a fine dinner and that’s when trouble starts.
“The Most Important Critter in the Whole Wide World: Why the Coyote Howls at Night” is McCabe’s first published book, and although the title is way too long , it is a really amusing and well written story that will not disappoint. A great read for those cuddly nights, perfect for building memories.
Available in Kindle and Paperback
Mariana Llanos

Gusty McCabe is the pen name of Paul Larson, an Arizona storyteller who has presented his art in many venues in that state. He says that his tales are "true but unverifiable"

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