Monday, February 3, 2014

Twinkle, the Real Story of the Tooth Fairy by John Moher

Twinkle the fairy didn’t have a lot of friends. Twinkle the fairy didn’t think much of himself. Twinkle the fairy was often teased because of his two big front teeth and his strange habit to collect other fairies’ baby teeth. But one day, Twinkle found his opportunity to blossom and find his gift. Twinkle found out that he was a Tooth Fairy!

Twinkle, the Real Story of the Tooth Fairy, is a cute little tale that will not disappoint. John Moher's storytelling style feels fresh and simple. His book offers us a  new version of what the tooth fairy does with all the teeth he collects while we learn a lesson of self-belief and confidence. My seven year old enjoyed reading it by himself and he also liked the fun and lively illustrations by Richard Svensson. I loved reading it, as well, and I recommended it to parents and their children alike.
Mariana Llanos