Wednesday, June 5, 2013

REVIEW: BUD THE SPUD by Adam Byrn Tritt

Awards: P&E Award for best children's book of 2012

You have to have a sense of humor when reading Bud the Spud.
I mean it as a compliment. This is a book with a very important message for kids: do not let the T.V take over your life. It is straight-forward and easy to read.  It is controversial too. This kid (Bud) turns into a couch potato in real life and many creepy things happen to him in the 3 different alternative and mostly macabre endings. A bit disturbing for the sensitive parent (like me), I would not let my 6 year old read it. Not yet. But I think that older children( 10+) would appreciate more the black humor and message of the story. Also the comic-like illustrations will appeal a more mature audience. So I think this book will be a “love it” or “hate it” kind of book that will depend on the personality of the reader as some might get offended and some others might laugh their socks off. But here’s the thing that I was thinking while reading it…maybe we need this kind of strong message to truly impact the way our kids are living. Maybe we need controversial and creative ways to tell a story to open up our eyes and realize that childhood obesity is a reality that can be prevented. So go ahead, give Bud a try (not literally a bite!) and decide for yourself.

Mariana Llanos

Author Adam Byrn Tritt is an international award winner writer with several titles in his long career. Bud the Spud is the newest addition to his work and also, his first children's book.
Adam lives in Florida, where he writes, gives lectures and brings Bud to schools and bookstores for the delight of -most of- his audience. He is also the creator of TurningPoint, a non-profit that provides alternative medicine to low -income individuals through his clinic The Wellness Center.
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