Saturday, June 1, 2013

Children's Book Review: OZETTE'S DESTINY

by Judy Pierce

Ozette is a white squirrel that lives in Farlandia. Her friends love
her because she is just, caring, adventurous and plain nice. She rescued Duchess Zorina, the Royal Dog of the Queen of Farland, when she got lost in the vastness of Farlandia. What would be Ozzette’s  surprise when Queen Beatrix of Farland appointed her as the Queen of Farlandia! As humble as Ozzete is she had some trouble accepting that she will become one of the Royals, but her love for her land is stronger than her doubts.

Judy Pierce has created a magical world where animals and nature live in harmony. In it, many values are shown: love for nature, friendship, courage and responsibility just to name a few. It can be a great opportunity for parents, teachers or grandparent to talk about those values with their children. I can easily see it as a t.v show, as each chapter feels like an episode. Ozette will surely steal your young kids heart as the sweet and fair Queen of Farlandia. It also has a terrific recipe section, definitely an added bonus.

Mariana Llanos

Originally from Washington State, Judy Pierce lives in the Mountains of North Carolina with her husband Jim and three rescued Bichons. She has a Master's degree from the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University. She developed a deep love and appreciation for squirrels when she worked with a wildlife rehabilitator in Georgia. When she's not working on the second book of the series, she enjoys hiking, gardening and photographing squirrels.
Available on Paperback and Kindle.
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