Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: The Dreamcatcher Adventures: Greedy Jack Wallace

by Adam C. Veile

When I first started reading The Dreamcatcher Adventures I thought it was yet another middle grade novel about a wimpy 7th grader in a very common middle school with bullies, mean girls and a miserable life. In other words: nothing new. But I was very wrong. By the end of the first chapter I could see that I liked the direction this story was going. Blake is, like I said, a seventh grader, living in New Buck Hills. His school life is not exciting, the girl he likes doesn’t like him and (of course) is dating the most popular and rich kid in town. To top all that, Blake learns that his family is about to lose their home to foreclosure. And that's when he meets Gray Monroe, his ancestor, who has come back from the other side (yes, THAT other side) with the mission to catch the Moore Gang, his enemies in the 1800’s. Blake and Gray will take us in a gripping and exciting pursuit through the Wild West, looking for a ransom, clues and evil ghostly cowboys.
The Dreamcatcher Adventures: Greedy Jack Wallace is an action-packed new western adventure, equally engaging for kids and grown-ups. From ghost towns to buffalo stampedes, pacing and rhythm is just fantastic. There’s action in each and every one of its chapters and it never gets boring. Adam C. Veile is a heck of a writer as he manages to engage people with a language that is easily readable and intelligent at the same time.  I read it with my 9 year old son. He just loved the book. I think Mr. Veil has won a new fan as he’s told me he can’t wait to read the next book in the series (yes, he’ll be getting a paperback copy of this book for his birthday next month).
I highly recommend this book for anyone but especially middle graders; it will be a smart and captivating reading.
Mariana Llanos
ADAM C. VEILE lives in Jefferson City Missouri. He discovered his
passion for writing in a creative writing class in High School. Adam graduated in English and Communications from Missouri  State University. He currently teaches online writing courses for Columbia College and works for his family business Comunique, Inc. In his free time he likes to write and wander.
*I received a free PDF copy from the author in an exchange for a honest opinion.

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