Friday, August 2, 2013

REVIEW: Tommy the Courageous Bird by Victor Castelo

Tommy the Courageous Bird is a nice little
bedtime story with a lesson. Tommy the bird is afraid to fly. With the help of his parents he finally learns how to take to the air but he is still afraid of heights. One day he meets with grandpa, also known as The General, a notable brave bird. He will teach Tommy the real meaning of courage and will help him overcome his fears.

The moral of this story can be applied to any other fear, making it easy to relate to and take on the advice. My 6 year old read it with me and enjoyed it. We also talked about his own fears and how the advice in the book could be used in his particular situation. Another important lesson from the book is that Tommy’s parents were understanding about his fear and loved him the way he was. So, as you can see, there are several “conversation-starters” throughout the book. 

The book is the right length for a 4 to 8 years old audience that won’t sit through lengthy books. Well-written and beautifully illustrated, I find Tommy the Courageous Bird to be an enjoyable read to share with the family.
Mariana Llanos
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