Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Graveyard Scavenger Hunt by Brian Barnett

What a fun and clever story I found me to
read! I am not a fan of scary stories, so I was glad when the author warned me: “It’s not horror…just spooky.” Well, it was more than spooky, it was entertaining and engaging. Young Pete Davidson is forced to spend a week at his Grandparents' house. He hadn’t seen them in a very long time and he didn’t remember how their house looked like… less that they lived next to a graveyard! Against his grandpa’s warning, Pete trespasses into the graveyard to pick up some papers that were blown by the wind. What could actually happen? It’s just an old, abandoned cemetery. Imagine his surprise when something grabs his foot from the ground and takes him into the land of the dead, ghosts and ghouls!  Now Pete has to win his way back home and save our world.

Graveyard Scavenger Hunt is a well written short chapter book. I really like the author’s narrative. He doesn’t fall into unnecessary descriptions or redundancies. He makes his characters believable and lively, with just enough action to keep readers turning pages. It also looks like this book is the first one of a series called NightScares for middle graders...can't wait for the next one. A job well done!
Author Brian Barnett is the author of several stories published online and in print. He lives in Kentucky with his wife and children.
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*A Free PDF copy of the book was given to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

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