Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review: Begotten: with Love by Jo Ann V. Glim

Begotten: with Love is one of those books I am pleased I came across with. I not only enjoyed the story of five generations of family, I also learned a lesson of upholding and hope. The author’s descriptive prose transports the reader into the different times in history through short tales that give the book a staccato rhythm.

I am particularly fond of the Swedish Connection and the chapters that follow. As an immigrant myself, it’s easy to relate to the dreams and efforts of the Swedish immigrants and, despite the different circumstances, see that the principle remains: love and respect for the new Land that welcomes us and the eagerness to make it your own.

The story of Joanie was heart wrenching and in my opinion, a book on its own. Being a sentimental like I am, my heart ached for this girl, but at the end, my spirit was lifted by her bravery and courage. Quite a character she is! As a matter of fact, several stories throughout the book could easily stand on their own. Maybe author Jo Ann V. Glim will delight her audience with a next book where she’ll pick up on some of these interesting stories and compelling characters.
After reading a book like Begotten, you can’t help but reflect about your own family and their own battles, their demons, the heritage they passed on, their dreams and expectations. And it’s up to us to either dwell in the past flaws and mistakes or take those experiences and make for a better generation…just like the book says, every family has its story. We are continuously adding to that story.

I highly recommend this book not only for its contribution to American history (and literature) but for the values it transmits to readers: love, faith, family and forgiveness.

Author Jo Ann V. Glim lives in Florida with
her husband Bill. She is retired and spends her days helping the community, serving at church and writing. Her book is available in paperback through her website: 

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