Saturday, December 28, 2013

5 favorite kids' books of 2013 (Reviewed on this blog)

2013 was a very important year for me.  I published my very first book, Tristan Wolf, launching this way, what I hope it will be a career as a writer with many, many books. Another highlight was this little blog that has connected me with many talented authors, who, like me, are trying to open their way in the ocean of books out there.
I had the privilege to read some of their work and review it. Sadly, I had to refuse to review some ... I could only go with what I and my modest opinion could recommend my readers. And some works needed more ... well, more work! So, the ones I reviewed this year are the ones I really enjoyed or thought they were important in their own right. They all have merit and still recommend them like great reads. But, among those books I do have some favorites.

Today, I'm going to reveal MY FIVE FAVORITE books for children I reviewed on this blog. Those books were fun, page-turning, captivating, and charming. And that's just my opinion as a reader, of course.
In no particular order, this 2013 I enjoyed reading and reviewing:
 1.The Most Important Critter in the Whole Wide World: Why the Coyote Howls at Night by Gusty McCabe: An example of storytelling well done, I qualified his book as "a really amusing and well written story that will not disappoint." Really, really fun to read.
2.The Dreamcatcher Adventures: Greedy Jack Wallace (Volume 1) by Adam C. Veile: Mr. Veile became one of my oldest son's favorite authors. I described it like "an action-packed new western adventure, equally engaging for kids and grown-ups." I'm looking forward to his next book!
3.Graveyard Scavenger Hunt (NightScares) by Brian Barnett: Oh I dread scary books, movies ... scary anything. But this one was spooky in just the right dose for me, and so engaging I couldn't put down. About the author's style I said, "He makes his characters believable and lively, with just enough action to keep readers turning pages." Well done!
4.Kellie at Come-alive Cottage (Volume 1) by Kellie Unsworth: I enjoyed this lovely, charming book a lot! Of it I said: "This is a fun, smart book that I'm sure will delight young readers. It's full of oddities, silly illustrations and fun fonts." Can't wait for more!
5.An Evening with Grandpa by Diana Matlin: If you are a Chess lover or not, this book will make you want to play. I wrote, "I read it to my 6 years old and I can tell that he lived the story. And how not since it's interesting and engaging from the beginning." Very enjoyable.
My own book, Tristan Wolf! Well yes, you'll say I'm biased, but here are the reasons I have to choose my own work: It has taught me so much! I've learned about writing, about publishing...I've learned from the many mistakes I've made, from some of the money wasted, from the marketing that didn't work. It has connected me with people. Some of them hateful, some others now my favorite people (that's for next post). And even more, Tristan Wolf gives me the opportunity to visit schools and connect with children. It lets me inspire them with this little tale of adventure and imagination. As if these reasons weren't enough, it was a finalist in a contest! Yes, it might have flaws in the eyes of some, but it delivers and my readers love it. What else can I expect from my very first book?

To all the authors I reviewed in my blog I say thank you for allowing me the honor, I've learned so much from you! And to my favorites I say congratulations! Keep up the good work. We all have to learn from each other, in the end the goal is to make our readers the sole and only winners.

Readers, please keep on reading and keep on supporting independent authors. We depend on your support and encouragement to produce more books. Blessings to all, have a great 2014!

Mariana Llanos


  1. Mariana, I am so glad you and your son enjoyed An Evening With Grandpa. Thank you for your generous review and comments. Good luck with your next book!
    Diana Matlin

    1. Thanks, Diana! Good luck to you as well!


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