Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: A Strage Sound from the Attic by Nancy S. Rippy

A Strange Sound from the Attic is a lovely short tale of friendship and imagination. Young Amy hears a sound coming from her attic. Eager to catch what or who is making that sound, she places her cell phone by the attic door...the next morning, her cell phone is gone! And not only that, but it appears in her next door neighbor's attic!
The title might sound spooky to some young children, but the story really isn't. On the contrary, it's sweet and encourages the use of imagination.

Although the description recommends the book for readers five and up, I would recommend it for kids seven and above, who may be able to understand the story better.

What I'd really like to rave about though, are the illustrations. They are adorable and have a pleasant,  ethereal quality in them. I'm sure children are going to be fascinated, specially with the girls' pictures. Mrs. Rippy is, without doubt, a talented illustrator.

I look forward to more stories from this author. Hopefully we'll hear more from this fantastic world she's created.

Author Nancy S. Rippy is originally from Taiwan.  When she was a young girl she started writing down her dreams, that's when she realized she was a writer. She now lives in California with her husband.
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