Saturday, July 13, 2013


by Galina Granovsky

“Motley Wings” is an interesting tale that 

takes readers to the world of butterflies. Lily, a pretty, young, white-winged butterfly is preparing herself to go to the ball that Prince Apollo organizes every year. She wants to look her best but her bright white wings get accidentally stained. Her friend Stripy Bee offers to help and paints her wings with beautiful colors that truly make her stand out. At the ball she is noticed by the Prince, not only for her beautifully colored wings but for her modesty and honesty. Prince Apollo himself invites her to join him and his following to their annual trip to the Hare Cabbage Gardens. Lily will have a great adventure as she meets new friends and gets closer to the Prince.
I read this book with my boys. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t their‘cup of tea’. Maybe they just don’t like reading about pretty butterflies in a fairy-tale style story; they go for more boyish adventures. Oh, well. Their loss. I do think that there are very interesting elements on this book: I especially liked the metamorphosis chapter and their flight over the lake and I even liked the moths’ part, but, in my opinion, the story ended too abruptly and there were some situations left in the hanging.
“Motley Wings” has been translated into English from Russian, and although it reads pretty well, it needs a little tune up here and there for some typos and minor oddities. They are easily fixable though and do not affect the story but they could be a distraction for the readers(I should know that pretty well! As I was writing this post, a friend messaged me to tell me that on my previous post I had written "on the park" instead of "at the park"... not once, but several times.Darn it!)
I'm pleased that I got to know this author’s work, new to the English language book market. She is a writer with a prolific imagination able to transport her readers to a world of beauty and fantasy.

Mariana Llanos

Author Galina Granovsky lives in Russia close to the Black Sea with her husband and her cat. She has published several children's stories and adult novels in her language. Some of them are being translated into English.

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*I received a complimentary PDF of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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