Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Welcome to Iwrite. A little bit about myself first: I am Mariana Llanos, author of Tristan Wolf. I  write since I was very young. What did I write about? Mostly poems about things around me. As I grew older I started writing short stories and also school plays. I even remember writing a new chapter for the Star Wars movies (that would be very useful now!) One thing I enjoyed a lot  was to adapt classic plays (Hamlet, Faust, Romeo and Juliet) and turn them into comical skits to perform at school.
As I grew older I kept on writing but decided to try to be an actress and studied drama. I have also done some arts and crafts, specially with papier mache, my favorite medium. For the past 8 years I've worked at a preschool. I've found another creative outlet in working with those kids and teaching them how to be creative through different arts. Currently I'm teaching them music and art.
Just a couple of years ago I decided to resume my writing. I created Tristan Wolf and I'm trying to become a full time writer...which would be my second full time job since I'm also a full time mom of three smart children.
Well, in the meantime and while I make  some dreams come true, here I offer you my blog that I hope to fill with experiences, thoughts, ideas, interviews and  lots of entertainment.
Truly yours,
Mariana Llanos


  1. Mariana, I just have to tell you the craziest coincidence: the first thing I ever wrote as a child with the realization of "publication" (i.e. that I could try and get the movie company to make it) was a sequel to Star Wars!!

    I wish I still had it. I was naive enough at that point, of course, to believe A) George Lucas would just take my story and start making his next movie, thinking "wow, thank God for Rob Guthrie...a sequel to Star Wars! I just KNEW there was a reason Darth Vader went spinning into outer space instead of dying!" and B) That there were not already five more movies coming, most half-written in Lucas' mind already!

    Great luck with the blog; I'm looking forward to meandering around! :)

    1. That's a funny coincidence, Rob. I was thinking about directing and starring in it too...I mean, why not?
      Glad to have you here!

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