Monday, June 2, 2014

Review: The Woofy Doggy by Antony Pawlett

The Woofy Doggy is a cute tale to share with the young ones at home. Woofy Doggy has a hard time being nice to others. He barks at people and pets and no one wants to be friends with him. Until one day, a smart girl gives him an advise that will change the way he relates to others.
I think little ones will enjoy the lesson they'll learn from the little pup. Parents will also find, maybe, a conversation starter in this book, about having a good attitude toward friends. But, lessons apart, I really liked the author's writing style: simple, clean, pleasant. The story itself was good, engaging and sweet.
If I have to point at something though, would be the illustrations. I liked the concept of the book, clean, digital looking, but I still think that some illustrations needed more work. This, though, doesn't take away from the story. The Woofy Doggy is a book I recommend to anyone who wants to hear a good story.

Mariana Llanos

I received a PDF copy in exchange for  a honest review.
Available on Kindle and paperback.

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