Thursday, May 30, 2013

"A delightful story"

Tristan Wolf is my first children's book. It is the story of a boy who was abandoned in the forest and raised by wolves. Even though he loves his wolf family, he needs to find himself. He sets off on a journey that will lead him to new friends, adventures and a big surprise.

Artist Rocio Perez del Solar illustrated my book. She describes herself as “an Artisan who plays with Art”. This is her first time working in a book, too. I just love the way she took him to her world of intense, bold colors and artistically playful lines.
Tristan was born one afternoon in between laundry and errands. At that time I was a mother of two (I have three now!)busy and beautiful boys. I enjoyed reading to them but I wanted to read something of my own. That afternoon the phrase "Tristan was a loner..." popped up in my brain and from there I just had to sit down and let Tristan take over.
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Tristan Wolf


  1. Hi, Mariana! The illustrations for Tristan look beautiful! Colorful and unique. Do you plan to offer the book as an eBook in the Kindle library? I rarely buy "real" books anymore. (I live in a very small

    1. I agree, Aviva, the illustrations are spectacular. I am planning on a Kindle version, probably for the fall. I do think, though, that my book and its artistic illustrations are better enjoyed in paperback format. Thanks for your comment!

  2. The illustrations look incredible. Is it going to be available on Kindle? If so, when?

    1. Thanks, Paul! I am planning on releasing it on kindle in a couple of months.


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